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Unprinted Kraft Bag Paper Sack

Unprinted kraft bags are one of the eco-friendly packaging solutions that stand out with their simplicity and natural appearance. These bags are made of kraft paper material and do not have any prints or designs on them. Some advantages of using unprinted kraft bags are:


Unprinted kraft bags are made using kraft paper material produced from natural wood fiber. Therefore, it is an environmentally friendly packaging option. Being recyclable, they reduce their impact on the environment and offer a solution in accordance with sustainability principles.

Multi-Purpose Use:

Unprinted kraft bags are suitable for multi-purpose use. You can use it at home, in stores, or for gift wrapping. These bags are ideal for packaging and transporting clothing, household goods, cosmetics and many more.

Natural and Rustic Look:

Unprinted kraft bags It has a natural and rustic look. This allows you to display your products in a natural way and show that you have carefully packed the contents of the bag. You can reflect the naturalness and eco-friendly values of your brand while giving customers a natural and warm feeling.

Easy Customization:

Unprinted kraft bags, print on, labels or embellishments allows you to In this way, you can make the bags fit the theme of your brand or event. You can customize the bags by hand or professionally.


Unprinted kraft bags are generally more cost-effective than printed bags. Being unprinted reduces some of the costs in the production process and provides a more economical packaging solution. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for those looking for a budget-friendly option.

Unprinted kraft bags are a preferred packaging solution with advantages such as simplicity, naturalness and environmental friendliness. As Türk Kraft, we offer high quality unprinted kraft bags in various sizes. We provide solutions that suit your needs and preferences, enabling you to effectively package your brand and products.