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Paper Factory Izmir Paper Sack

Paper mills are facilities that produce various types of paper. As Türk Kraft, we think that it is not important to have a paper mill in your location in İzmir, the important thing is to focus on the production of high quality kraft paper. We aim to meet our customers' packaging needs by offering quality paper products used in various sectors.

Different types of paper such as brown kraft paper and white kraft paper are produced in paper mills in Izmir. Brown kraft paper is a preferred option with its natural appearance and durability. White kraft paper, on the other hand, is a product obtained as a result of the bleaching process and may have higher costs.

We use advanced technology and equipment in accordance with high quality standards in our paper production process. We attach great importance to quality control and always aim to provide our customers with the best quality paper products. In addition, we work by adhering to our sustainability values with an environmentally friendly production process.

As Türk Kraft, we are proud to offer our customers high quality paper products used in various sectors. We aim to meet the packaging needs of our customers with the production we carry out in our paper factory. We are happy to provide the best service to our customers with our advanced technology and quality-oriented approach.