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Twisted Handle Kraft Bag Paper Sack

The auger handle kraft bag is one of the eco-friendly packaging solutions that stand out as a handy carrying bag. These bags are made of sturdy kraft paper material and provide easy portability with their auger handles. Some advantages of kraft bags with auger handles are as follows:

Practical Carrying:

Kraft bags with auger handles are a practical carrying solution for users. The auger handles provide a sturdy handle for conveniently carrying the bag and securely holding items being transported. This offers convenience and ease of use to customers.


The auger handle kraft bags are made using kraft paper material produced from natural wood fiber. Therefore, it is an environmentally friendly packaging option. Being recyclable, it reduces its impact on the environment and offers a solution in accordance with sustainability principles.

Durability and Strength:

Auger handle kraft bags are made using robust kraft paper material. is produced. This makes the bags durable and strong. It ensures the safe transportation of the products in the bag and minimizes the risk of tearing or breaking.


Craft bags with auger handles, prints, logo or designs offer a surface to be applied. This is the perfect opportunity to promote your brand or business. With customization options, you can tailor the bags to suit your brand or event.

Various Sizes:

Auger handle kraft bags are available in different sizes. This provides a convenient option for packaging and transporting a variety of products. Small bags are ideal for small items such as gifts, jewelry or cosmetics. Large sized bags are suitable for carrying larger items such as clothing, shoes or household items. As Türk Kraft, we offer high quality and customizable twist handle kraft bags. We provide solutions that suit your needs and preferences, enabling you to effectively promote your brand and products. We are here to provide reliable and functional packaging solutions while maintaining our quality standards.