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Kraft Paper Types Paper Sack

Kraft paper is a packaging material with different types and properties. Here are some of the kraft paper types:

1. Brown Kraft Paper:

Brown kraft paper is a kind of kraft paper produced from natural wood fiber and in brown color. It is generally preferred for industrial and commercial use. It is known for its high durability and strength.

2. White Kraft Paper:

White kraft paper is a kind of kraft paper that is bleached as a result of the bleaching process. It has a more open look and offers a cleaner and professional look. It is generally preferred for packaging, gift wrapping and printing processes.

3. Colored Kraft Paper:

Colored kraft paper is a variety of kraft paper with different colors. It is often used for children's crafts, card making or packaging purposes. Colored kraft papers are a preferred option in creative projects and decorative purposes.

4. Extra Reinforced Kraft Paper:

Extra-reinforced kraft paper is a special type that offers greater durability and strength compared to regular kraft paper. It is produced using extra layers or condensed fibers. Ideal for carrying heavy loads or providing more protection.

5. Glossy Surface Kraft Paper:

Glossy Surface Kraft Paper is a kind of kraft paper produced with a special coating process. It has a glossy surface and offers a more aesthetic appearance. This type of paper is generally used for more decorative purposes, especially for gift wrapping.

These are just some types of kraft paper and there are more varieties for different applications and uses. As Türk Kraft, we offer our customers various types of kraft paper and provide solutions that meet their needs. We are pleased to offer reliable packaging solutions with our quality and durable materials.