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Kraft bag manufacturers are companies that offer durable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions. As Türk Kraft, we serve our customers as a company specializing in the production of high quality kraft paper sacks. We strive to meet our customers' packaging needs and provide customized solutions.

Kraft bag production consists of various stages. First, quality kraft papers are selected. Among the different options such as brown kraft and white kraft paper, the one suitable for the customer's demands is determined. Then, bag sizes and specifications are determined according to customer needs.

In the production process, design plays an important role. By offering our customers printing options on bags, we make their brands stand out visually. Logos, slogans or other graphics can be printed on the bag to increase brand recognition. By offering our clients customized bag designs, we help their brands create a unique image.

As manufacturers of Paper sacks, we offer various additional features, taking into account the demands of our customers. Valve bags allow fast and practical filling of materials such as chemical powders. In addition, we can produce 3-ply bags from double-layer paper or by adding HDPE plastic in between. These additional features give our customers the flexibility to meet a variety of packaging needs.

As Türk Kraft, we are proud to offer our customers eco-friendly, durable and customizable kraft bag solutions. By focusing on customer satisfaction, we aim to meet the expectations of our customers with quality production and competitive prices. As manufacturers of kraft paper sacks, you can apply to us to meet your packaging needs and visually highlight your brand.