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Kraft Paper Prices Paper Sack

Kraft paper is a popular packaging material with its durability and recyclability. As Türk Kraft, we aim to meet our customers' packaging needs by offering high quality kraft paper. Kraft paper prices are determined based on several variables that are affected by various factors.

The first factor is the paper type. Kraft paper is divided into two main types, brown and white. Brown kraft paper has a natural look and is generally more affordable. White kraft paper, on the other hand, is a product obtained as a result of the bleaching process and may have higher costs.

Second, the weight of paper affects the price. Kraft paper is available in different weights, and the price usually goes up as the weight of the paper increases. Choosing a higher weight for a thicker and more durable paper can increase the cost.

Third, the order quantity is important. Generally, the unit price may decrease when larger quantities are ordered. Therefore, we are able to offer our customers advantageous prices for bulk orders.

In addition, external factors such as market conditions, raw material prices and production costs may also affect kraft paper prices. These factors can change over time and cause fluctuations in prices.

As Türk Kraft, we try to offer our customers competitive kraft paper prices. We base our prices on factors such as customer demands, paper type, weight, order quantity and market conditions. We aim to help our customers meet their packaging needs by providing cost-effective and high-quality kraft paper.