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Paper Factory Maras Paper Sack

Maraş is one of the important industrial centers of Turkey and plays a major role in the paper and packaging industry. The paper mills in Maraş serve their customers with high quality paper production and various paper products. These factories have an important position in both local and international markets by producing environmentally friendly paper with sustainable production processes.

Paper mills in Maraş produce various types of paper. It produces kraft paper, cardboard, magazine paper, offset paper, hygienic paper and other types, which are especially important for the packaging industry. These factories provide quality and high performance paper production by using advanced technologies and modern equipment. For this reason, a wide range of products are offered to customers by producing papers in different sizes, weights and properties. In addition, customers are supported to obtain paper products specific to their brands by providing customization opportunities.

Paper mills in Maraş attach great importance to quality standards and customer satisfaction. Strict quality control measures are applied in the production processes and the papers, which have undergone various tests, meet high quality and reliability standards. In addition, advantageous solutions are offered to customers with fast delivery times and competitive price policies.

As Türk Kraft, we provide high quality paper products by cooperating with paper mills in Maraş. We are proud to offer our customers paper products that are used in various industries and meet their packaging needs. We are here to help businesses succeed with customized and quality paper solutions.