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Manure Bag Manufacturing Paper Sack

Manure bags are specially designed for the packaging and transportation of granular or powdery materials such as fertilizers, used in the agricultural sector. These bags provide the protection, transportation and storage of fertilizers, while providing accurate dosing and ease of use. As Türk Kraft, we are experienced in the production of high quality and durable fertilizer bags and we offer various fertilizer bag solutions to our customers.

Manure bags are designed in accordance with the characteristics of fertilizers and can be produced from various materials. Generally, polypropylene (PP) or kraft paper material is preferred. While polypropylene bags provide water-resistant and durable packaging, kraft paper bags are preferred as an eco-friendly option. Both materials provide important properties such as maintaining the quality of fertilizers, being unaffected by moisture and resistance to external factors.

The properties of fertilizer bags ensure that the fertilizers are packed and stored in the right amount. These bags are usually designed as valve bags so that filling can be done quickly and easily. In addition, the valve structure is advantageous for closing and sealing the bags. Thus, the freshness and quality of fertilizers are maintained for a long time.

The design and dimensions of the fertilizer bags can be customized according to customer demands and market needs. Printed fertilizer bags can be used as an effective tool for brand promotion and visual highlighting of products. Various printing options are offered for customers to promote their brands and products.

As Türk Kraft, we are proud to offer our customers high quality and customizable fertilizer bags. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, we aim to meet your fertilizer bag needs with quality products, competitive prices and fast delivery times. You can contact us to meet your needs and to pack your fertilizers safely.