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Natural Kraft Bag Paper Sack

Natural kraft bag is a bag that has a natural and organic look and is preferred among environmentally friendly packaging solutions. These bags are made of kraft paper material and there is no printing or coloring on them. Some advantages of natural kraft bags are:


Natural kraft bags are made using kraft paper material produced from natural wood fiber. Therefore, it is an environmentally friendly packaging option. Thanks to its natural material structure, it can be recycled and has less impact on the environment.

Natural and Rustic Appearance:

Natural kraft bags have a natural and rustic appearance . Their natural brown color and texture of kraft paper make the bags an aesthetic option with a warm and natural feel. These bags can reflect the brand's natural values while naturally displaying the products they contain.

Multi-Purpose Use:

Natural kraft bags can be used for various purposes. It has many different uses, from grocery shopping to souvenirs, from packaging natural products to promotional products distributed at fairs. It can adapt to various needs with its wide size and design options.

Durability and Strength:

Natural kraft bags are produced using strong and durable kraft paper material. This ensures that the bags carry products safely and have a long service life. Thanks to its high strength, it is also suitable for carrying heavy products.


Natural kraft bags offer the opportunity to print, label or decorate. This allows you to tailor the bags to the theme of your brand or event. You can customize the bags manually or professionally.

Natural kraft bags are a preferred packaging solution with their advantages such as simplicity, naturalness and environmental friendliness. As Türk Kraft, we offer high quality natural kraft bags. By offering solutions in sizes and designs that suit your needs and preferences, we enable you to effectively package your brand and products.