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Roll of Kraft Paper Paper Sack

Roll kraft paper is a type of kraft paper that is usually offered in large rolls for industrial or commercial use. Available in rolls gives users flexibility and a wide range of uses for a variety of applications. The uses and characteristics of roll kraft paper are:

Width and Length:

Roll kraft papers are generally available in different widths and lengths. Widths may vary based on specific applications or usage needs. Lengths may vary depending on the size of the roll and its intended use. This flexibility allows users to cut and shape appropriate sizes according to their needs.

Various Thicknesses:

Kraft paper rolls are available in different thickness levels. Thickness is an important factor affecting the durability, strength and usage areas of the paper. Thin and light kraft papers are ideal for lighter packaging or protective covers, while thick and dense kraft papers are suitable for packaging or transporting heavier materials.

Various Applications:

Roll kraft papers are used in a variety of industries and applications. It can be used especially in packaging, wrapping, protective coating, gift wrapping, arts and crafts projects, transportation and many more. The wide and continuous roll form can be used to wrap or wrap materials quickly and effectively.

Eco-Friendly and Recyclable:

Roll kraft papers, natural It is a recyclable material made from wood fiber. Therefore, it is considered an environmentally friendly packaging solution. It contributes to the reduction of waste and a sustainable packaging option.

As Türk Kraft, we offer high quality roll kraft papers. We offer you a flexible solution to meet various needs with width, length and thickness options. We are happy to provide our customers with durable and useful rolls of kraft paper with our quality materials and production processes.