High quality industrial paper sack production

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It is used as wrapping packaging.

Manufacture of 70 gr/m² kraft paper

Manufacture of 80 gr/m² kraft paper

Manufacture of 90 gr/m² kraft paper

Kraft Paper is a type of brown paper with high quality that we use in all areas of our lives.

Kraft paper comes in a wide variety from health to food, cosmetics to industry.

We can give many examples such as Kraft Flour bags, Kraft cement bags, Kraft textile labels,

Kraft parcel linings, Kraft bread bags, Kraft Cosmetic boxes.

High Kraft Cellulose content and high strength it allows you to use it safely in our lives.

Kraft paper for kraft tea bags

Kraft paper is produced for kraft coal bags

Standard kraft paper is produced

Klupak kraft bag paper is manufactured

Packaging paper is manufactured

Wet strength paper is produced

HP klupak kraft bag paper is manufactured

Kraftliner paper is produced