High quality industrial paper sack production

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Trifold Open mouth Kraft bags are manufactured.

Bag width,  bag size, base depth and valve width and valve inner length in cm. Submit print details. How many layers of bags do you want? Please write in detail what the kraft bag layer details will be. How many colors will the print be? How many kg will be carried in the bag.  What to put in the bag. Please provide information.  Price in 1 day  information will be given.

When requesting Kraft Bag price request:

Kraft Bag Sizes: Minimum / Maximum cm.

Bag width : 28 cm / 70 cm, Bag size: 33 cm / 140 cm, Bag base: Can be produced in the range of 7 cm / 18 cm

Custom logo printed kraft in any color and high quality up to 8m colors bags are manufactured.

We manufacture hexagonal and square bottom bags with open mouth. request.

White and brown kraft outer coat applications are made,  You need to tell your preference.Whether you want white outside of your bag or Kraft color bag.Which would be more suitable for your logo printing.

Many kraft bag alternatives can be produced according to your needs. Please detailed information .

To order a Kraft bag, write the picture of the Kraft bag, its dimensions, paper quality, paper weight and how many colors of printing.