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It is a type of synthetic sack obtained by applying hot lamination to the surfaces of desired colors and weights by passing through the modern technology lamination line of PP fabrics, whose weaving process is completed, in the form of open or hose fabric. First of all, the printing process is applied to the fabrics whose lamination process is completed. The most important advantage is; Thanks to the lamination process applied, the durability of the sack increases as it prevents water and air permeability against the fabric, and the print quality in the same direction.

It is the most suitable and economical packaging product for many industrial products in terms of load capacity, cost and durability. Our polypropylene laminated sacks are water, moisture and dust proof with their special raw material composition, lamination technology and weaving feature. Our product, which has PP raw material type, can be manufactured in the desired color. In addition, UV additive is optional. It has a carrying capacity of approximately 5 kg to 70 kg. Production takes place in the desired length (30cm - 150 cm) and the selected weaving density. The bottom seam is single folded and with chain stitch options, the brim is straight and cold



Inner Polyethylene PE

Ferforation (Air Hole)


Width : 25 cm / 120 cm

Length : 55 cm / 130 cm

Weight : 40 gr / 100 gr

Rope Width: 2 mm / 5 mm

Lamination Gr. : 18 gr / 25 gr

Printing : 6 -8 Color Flexo Printing