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Stock kraft  our bags 

Open Sealed Kraft Bag Features:

Stock Kraft Bag Dimensions: Minimum / Maximum cm.

Stock Kraft Bag Width: 40 cm

Stock kraft bag Length: 55 cm

The bottom width of the stock kraft bag is 10-11 cm.

This stock bag is made of 60 gsm white kraft, the second layer of solid 8 mic HDPE  and  third floor 70 gsm  It is made of kraft paper and is unprinted. 

Print can be done by hand at an additional cost, please request information. The mouth of the bag can be closed with stitches.

You can order various Kraft bag combinations.  stock bag at least 50  You can order pieces.  Shipping can be made to your address or you can come and pick it up from the office.

Many kraft bag alternatives can be produced according to your needs

Agriculture, Food , Seed, Compost, fertilizer,  coal, animal feed,  Kraft bags can be used for wheat Flour bag and other sectors.

Waste Collection kraft bags, Market kraft bags, Food kraft bags are manufactured.

To order kraft bags, Kraft bag picture, dimensions, Write down the paper quality, paper weight and how many colors are printed

Get the size information for the stock kraft bag.

A few kraft bags are produced.