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TÜRK KRAFT: Leading the Way in Industrial Kraft Paper Sack Manufacturing and Export

TÜRK KRAFT is a Turkish company specializing in the production of kraft paper sacks. With a focus on industrial applications, we manufacture high-quality bags that cater to various sectors, including cement, gypsum, chemicals, adhesives, flour, plaster, milk powder, fertilizers, cocoa, food, seeds, and many other similar materials. Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to establish a strong presence in the global market, with exports reaching numerous countries around the world.

At TÜRK KRAFT, we specialize in the production of kraft paper sacks made from brown and white kraft paper. These bags are specifically designed to handle industrial products weighing between 15 to 20 kilograms, such as cement and gypsum. Our expertise also extends to the production of valve bags, which are equipped with a valve that enables rapid filling through a hose connected to the machine where the chemical powders are produced. Additionally, we offer single-layered bags, double-layered bags, and three-layered bags that incorporate HDPE plastic as an intermediary layer.

Our manufacturing process prioritizes quality and durability. We utilize state-of-the-art machinery and employ strict quality control measures to ensure that each bag meets the highest industry standards. Our kraft paper sacks are known for their strength, tear resistance, and reliable performance, providing optimal protection for the materials they carry.

One of the key advantages of our valve bags is their efficient and convenient filling mechanism. By utilizing the valve system, our bags enable fast and precise filling, reducing the risk of spillage or contamination during the filling process. This makes them ideal for industries that require quick and controlled material transfer, such as the chemical and construction sectors.

As an environmentally conscious company, TÜRK KRAFT is committed to sustainability. We prioritize the use of recyclable materials in our bag production, ensuring that our products are both functional and eco-friendly. Kraft paper, derived from sustainably sourced wood pulp, serves as the primary material for our bags, offering a renewable and biodegradable alternative to traditional packaging solutions.

With a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, we work closely with our clients to understand their specific requirements and provide tailored bag solutions. Our team of experts is always ready to offer technical assistance and guidance throughout the ordering and manufacturing processes. We take pride in delivering products that meet our customers' expectations, both in terms of quality and timely delivery.

At TÜRK KRAFT, we strive to be the leading supplier of industrial kraft paper sacks worldwide. Through our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we continue to set new benchmarks in the industry. Whether you require kraft cement bags, chemical bags, adhesive bags, flour bags, plaster bags, milk powder bags, fertilizer bags, valve kraft bags, cocoa bags, food bags, seed bags, or any similar material bags, TÜRK KRAFT is your reliable partner.

Choose TÜRK KRAFT for premium-quality kraft paper sacks that meet your industrial packaging needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and experience the excellence we bring to every bag we produce.